Lakers-Blazers set for key Game 3 tonight

Following a convincing win by Portland in Game 1 of this Western Conference the desire and ability of the Lakers was immediately called into question and the receding hairline of LBJ seemed to have a few more hairs of gray. Los Angeles looked a step slow, were shooting poorly and preparation of the team was rightfully questioned.

(Morgan Freeman voice) Something light a fire up under their asses and when they stepped out onto the court for Game 2… things were different.

Complete and utter domination ensued for the Lakers in Game 2 Thursday night and it appeared whatever messages and strategies needed to be discussed internally were gone over with a fine-toothed comb. The results were evident in a wire to wire 111-88 Los Angeles win. Every thing seemed more crisp but nothing more important than the shooting of Anthony Davis… AD went 8-of-24 in the Game 1 loss then improving to 13-of-21 in the Game 2 romp.

Portland has the better guards and the Lakers have the advantage with bigger players. LA must use their size to cause the pair of Lillard and McCollum distress of any type… harassment and hounding pressure appeared to be most effective but that takes an organized team effort with focus on your assignments every single second of the shot clock. If the Lakers assert themselves in this type of manner it would seem unlikely Portland can get that 4th win first.

Not sure I would be too concerned with the index finger of Lillard on the off hand… old school you simply tape that bitch to the middle finger and keep on getting it. If that finger is super sore or tender it should be apparent relatively early on that it is going to be a factor… any significant loss of output from Lillard would seem like a fatal blow to their chances from most objective observers.

No doubt the winner of Game 3 tonight will be in prime position to advance. The lack of any home court advantage is something I will be watching very closely as the playoffs progress and it gives that extra element of the unknown for those prognosticating series outcomes. What normally would be a huge advantage and the series lines would reflect it is now non-existent with no real precedent to gauge how that will factor in.

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