Lillard’s 61 keeps 8 seed hopes alive

Damon Lillard poured in 61 points for the game with none bigger than a 40-footer that back rimmed, went 15 feet into the air before gently falling back through the hoop. Portland outlasted the Mavericks 134-131.

Perhaps the biggest key contribution in this game was the 26 points from Carmelo in a game that McCollum plainly speaking could not throw it into the ocean. Anthony hit key shots inside and outside in the 4th quarter in isolation match ups… Melo had a spring in his step today and that kind of effort was needed to secure the win.

With everything on the line Portland found a way to fight off a hot shooting Mavericks team late in a foul marred final stanza that was stagnate at times but the clutch shooting from both sides made it highly exciting. Playoff intensity was certainly in the bubble down the stretch in this one.

The Blazers now have their own destinies in their hands and a win against the Brooklyn Nets in the final regular season bubble game will put them in the playoffs and into a first round match up with the LA Lakers.

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