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Conference tournament action gets heavy on Wednesday

As we get closer to Selection Sunday the action in the major conference tournaments really begins today and the action will be heavy the next couple days with coast to coast action.

Utah State steals a bid from the at-large pool with their conference tournament final win over a San Diego State team that perhaps peaked a bit early and now will perhaps will sit as a 2 or 3 seed.

The number of at-large bids stolen over the next several days will play a huge role in which teams will see their proverbial bubble burst as they fail to make the field of 68. At this point of the season, any teams on the bubble have had numerous chances to lock things down but failure to do so left them in the hands of fate. Never leave a decision to someone else for which you can decide yourself.

ACC and A10 action here early and one team on the bubble for certain is NC State. They need to win today and perhaps even beat Duke for a 2nd time to get a bid, but certainly the win today is an absolute necessity to have any shot at all. State leads by 3 at the intermission.

George Mason -4.5 was a free play winner as they were able to fight off the late urge to choke the spread and ultimately take a 77-70 decision. Will go now and get another free play graphic put together for later today. Check the site or my social media links to see that play.

INNER CIRCLE action still on board later in both college basketball and the NBA.

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