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Bloomberg money simply a ploy to block Sanders from nomination

After watching the way the Democrat nomination process has begun to play itself out there is one thing that is perfectly clear… Mike Bloomberg is in this race simply to prevent Bernie Sanders from securing 50% of the delegates allowing for a brokered convention that Sanders would lose.

While it does sound absurd, I feel Bloomberg is spending his money to prevent Sanders from dragging down the entire ticket on election day. The prevailing theory at this point is no one the Democrats put on the ticket in November will be able to defeat Trump so the best case scenario is to hold the House somehow and not take a blood bath beating down ballot.

Hard to imagine someone willing to drop one billion dollars or perhaps two simply to block a candidate that has hijacked the Democrat party in a similar fashion to the way Trump hijacked the Republican party… the clear message is that the normal establishment way of conducting business in DC is no longer good enough.

The funniest thing to consider is that Bloomberg actually thinks he has a shot at this thing… I am confident that is not where his mind is, but if it were there it would make him a money burning buffoon similar to this Tom Steyer blowhard.

Biden hanging in there is the key to this whole plan working… I can see a scenario where Bloomberg funds a pac simply to keep the Biden campaign floating along with Warren as well taking delegates from Sanders. The more campaigns vying the closer we move to Milwaukee then the Bloomberg plan has a much bigger chance at success. Not sure who a brokered convention would produce as a nominee but I know for certain that candidate would not be crazy uncle, Bernie Sander.

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