BEST BET RESULTS 2016 YEAR TO DATE (through end of August): 220-178-2 +424.64* January: 33-32-1 -24.00 February: 32-17-1 +158.60 March: 36-19 +212.40 April: 26-26 -14.73 May: 38-38 -28.83 June: 24-17 +104.63 July: 16-13 +40.20 August: 15-16 -23.63
 CURRENT MONTH BEST BETS: 22-23 -25.26* September 28th, 2016 MLB WIN 5-2 BEST BET 17* NY Mets Lugo -119 BEST BET PITCHING CHANGE --- Urena on the mound in place of Cashner. Marlins are 1-5 in the home starts of Urena... BEST BET play on the METS is STILL A GO!!! Same level... The Marlins poured emotion into their win against the Mets on Monday... the drama of the leadoff HR by Gordon, etc.... then they were not up to the task on Tuesday. I suggest they are emotionally spent following all of the draining and mind numbing factors surrounding the untimely death of their young ace Jose Fernandez. Mets are in a death fight for a NL wildcard spot with the Giants and Cardinals... and they have the jump on those two, but certainly have no room for error and while it is unfortunate with the events of the Marlins they simply have to take advantage of anything they can to get wins. Lugo has been strong in the Mets rotation... he has made 7 starts and the Mets are a strong 6-1 and his numbers are equally stout with an ERA of 2.59 and a WHIP of 1.104. Cashner is far more hit and miss and never seems to put consecutive great starts together... he went 5 innings allowing 1 run in his last start. In fact, he basically is a 5 inning pitcher if he can make that far... that leaves a Marlins bullpen that was totally eviscerated late last night with 12-15 outs most likely to get. Clear play on the value for me is the Mets and will play them in a key spot for me and the month of September as the BEST BET play on Wednesday.
WELCOME TO The Great White Capper DAILY MLB BEST BET PLAYS only $20 INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP only $49 for 30 days Gets ALL PLAYS in ALL SPORTS including BEST BETS September 29th, 2016 Mets proved a solid move and finally got the pendulum swinging back in the right direction cashing a 2nd straight BB play in MLB. Completed the first step in the recovery of a horrible week of gambling, and now seeking to keeping that flow rolling as we hit Thursday and a triple day for BEST BET plays as we get NFL, and college football action on the docket in addition to the MLB play. Win for the Mets was a huge one for them as they cleared out 1.5 games from the Giants and 2.5 from the Cardinals and lowering their magic number to I believe just 1 to clinch up a wildcard spot.... basically for practical matter the Mets punched a ticket. MLB season is coming to the final few games for teams still in contention and the teams locked in are possibly looking to set up their rotations and do some forward thinking as they plan strategy for the playoffs. Will likely be a very long night for me as I comb through and eliminate college football games from betting contention on Saturday, and also do some mathematics and chart study for the Week 4 NFL games on Sunday... I actually enjoy this labor intensive work and will enjoy it much more if I can turn the page and make positive moves in football this week. NFL TOP BET OF THE WEEK PLAYS 32-20-2 the last 3+ years CASHING THE BIG BETS in the NFL
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