BEST BET RESULTS 2016 YEAR TO DATE (through end of July): 205-162-2 +448.27* January: 33-32-1 -24.00 February: 32-17-1 +158.60 March: 36-19 +212.40 April: 26-26 -14.73 May: 38-38 -28.83 June: 24-17 +104.63 July: 16-13 +40.20
 CURRENT MONTH BEST BETS: 13-14 -24.72* August 27th, 2016 MLB BEST BET 17* Texas Griffin +136 Rangers were completely gutted last night by the Indians... final score of 12-1 left little meat on the bones of Texas. The Indians scored in the final five innings of the game... Kluber was tough and got key outs and the bullpen held together down the stretch while the offensive lit up the scoreboard. Key to the play in the overall scheme of things is the Texas home record... 40-21. Essentially this team wins two of three home games series in and series out... quite impressive and is tied for the 3rd most wins of any team in MLB for wins at home. It is a huge reason they are rolling with a comfortable division lead even after being dealt a bad hand with pitching over large chunks of the season. For the pitching in this game... Griffin starts for the Rangers at home coming off a nasty loss. First and foremost... Griffin doesn't roll deep into games and that is why he struggles to make quality starts as going 6 innings is the outside range of his work load. He has started mostly on the road, but the Rangers are 4-2 in his 6 home starts which aligns perfectly with the Rangers home record of winning two of three. In his last home... things didn't go so well against Detroit and unfortunately for him he was facing Fulmer (we were on Detroit in that game). Rangers then won the start before... so obviously the Rangers haven't lost consecutive home starts by Griffin which is another nice avenue of coincidence. One final note that I came up with when looking over his starts at home... and this one actually rang a bell for me. Both of the home losses the Rangers had in Griffin starts he was listed as a favorite (yes being favored over Fulmer was a joke)... Rangers were underdogs three times in Griffin home starts AND the WON THEM ALL :) (wins over Boston, Houston, and Yankees). In are seriousness, this is a nice little angle to add with the others. Carrasco worked very hard last out... he went 8 full innings pitching well in a 1-0 win over Oakland. I like that he went deep and worked hard... I am hopeful that start took the edge off of Carrasco who has occasionally been hit. Last start for him prior to Oakland... he was beaten all over the field as a -270 favorite at home against the White Sox (White Sox won 10-7). End analysis... Rangers are a great value as a home underdog in this spot. They have split the first two games of this four game set... neither was much of a game, so I am hoping this game would not be much of a game either. There is also the gut visceral feeling accompanying these numbers and beyond Kluber I feel any of these other Indians starters are not rock solid. Ready to cash this nice dog and move the train a little further down the tracks.
WELCOME TO The Great White Capper DAILY MLB BEST BET PLAYS only $20 INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP only $49 for 30 days Gets ALL PLAYS in ALL SPORTS including BEST BETS Longer term subscriptions available please contact me personally for details Hardest working sports handicapper in the industry Always seeking the edge and always on the clock WE PROVIDE QUALITY WORK AT FAIR RATES This service is a player's service and not hype sales machine AUGUST 28th, 2016 Now that is cooking with some serious grease... big play on a solid UNDERDOG was an easy CASH. Thank you Texas for kicking the shit out of Cleveland without any worries... very nice. Often when you make a solid call on a substantial underdog that does the dance in the manner of the Rangers 7-0 win on Saturday you build confidence... it was a key play in the overall scheme of the month and the play was true. Carrasco did struggle as I had hoped after pitching well and working hard the previous start... that game appeared to have taken his sharp edge away and the Texas hitters were all over him. Griffin was as good as I could have hoped for fighting tooth and nail each inning, hitter by hitter to get those outs. The bullpen was on point with their work, and that was a deal closer for this play. Now to finish off the week on Sunday... looking to cash a 4th straight BEST BET play and continue to work that BEST BET mark back to join the rest of the months this with a record of no less than .500. Will be playing a favorite right at the very edge of the range that I feel comfortable playing, but the numbers for the match up are literally off the chart due primarily to the weakness of the opposing starting pitcher, and I feel confident enough with the starter I am backing to make that outlay of extra juice. With the start of the NFL season... we return to creating our own point spreads while seeking the edge over the books in exposing bad lines and finding value. This service handicaps and creates lines... we are ahead of the curve and call the action... we don't see around waiting to see what everyone else does. That helps set us apart... NFL TOP BET OF THE WEEK PLAYS 32-17-2 (65%) the last 3 years CASHING THE BIG BETS in the NFL
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